Install of REH 6.6 : Is there a documentation to quickly find packages ?

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Is there a document that details the content of the "sets of software" that are displayed during install of REH 6.6 (option Customize now ) ?

I read the section 9.17.2. "Customizing the Software Selection" available on under
SupportProduct Documentation > Red Hat Enterprise Linux > 6 > Installation Guide

I waste a lot of time going through each sub-folders displayed during install of REH 6.6 to search for the packages that I need.

For example, I would like to have the libXcursor i686 rpm installed during install of REH 6.6 x86_64

The DVD install of REH 6.6 x86_64 the package selection screen displays these groups as categories :
Base System
Web Services
System Management

There are sub-categories and hundreds and hundreds of packages to go through. (See attached screenshot)

Any suggestion is welcome.
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I'm not positive this will provide the data you need (and I assume you are talking about a system that is installed and running).

yum groups
yum grouplist
yum groupinfo 'System Tools'

EDIT: I just realized I did not understand your question before and provided the wrong answer.
The following will display the group that a package belongs to, but the package has to be installed

rpm -q --qf '%{GROUP}\n' git

I don't know of a simple/clean command to simply show you what groups a package belongs to (other than that RPM query, or reverse engineering the output of a few for loops to go through all the Groups from yum grouplist command).