Satellite 5.6 - Third party repos (dell pkgs) with same pkg name gets overwritten when synced

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We have a problem where we use dells repos for different rhel releases and architectures ( ) and sync them to seperate child channels.

One main/key package is dell_ft_install-1.1-2.noarch.rpm which exists with same name in all repo dirs:

Problem is that these packages are different for each release/arch and has different dependencies which are specific to that repo.
But when they are synced, or even if I try rhnpush manually like:
rhnpush -v --force --channel=dell-blablabla-rhel-x86_64-server-5 dell_ft_install-1.1-2.noarch.rpm (from rh50_64)
The same package dell_ft_install-1.1-2 gets overwritten in satellite and is linked to all 3 child channels.

This of course gives us problems (missing dependencies) when yum updating a rhel5-i386 server when we get the dell_ft_install package from rh60_64.

Is there any way to tell satellite to treat a repos packages as "unique" for that channel somehow so it isn´t "shared" across multiple channels?



I had such a difficult time getting the Dell repos to work that I basically removed them from Satellite and built my own repos (using reposync and createrepo).

How did you setup the source for Dell?
* Are you using their satellite-management rpm?
* Or did you add the channels manually through the WebUI?
* Are you manually doing a reposync and rhnpush?

I assume you are doing something like

for REV in 5 6 7
  cd dell-om-${REV} && rhnpush -v --force --channel=dell-blablabla-rhel-x86_64-server-${REV} dell_ft_install-1.1-2.noarch.rpm
  cd -

My repos end up being web dirs on my Satellite and I made a single dell-om-hi.repo file which uses the Yum Var to replace "6server"

Also - in case you had not seen this (and I am not making a recommendation as I could not make it work for my needs, but you may want to decide for yourself)

Also - I figured I would put this out there.

There is a community for the Dell products with Linux that discuss REPOs and such.

You may want to post your question with them.

Currently the dell repos are synced as any other third party repo in satellite (i think it is using spacewalk-repo-sync in the background).
Then we found when updating a RHEL 5 server that satellite served the same dell_ft_install rpm for all rhel-channels.

I also tried the manual rhnpush with all 3 individual and unique rpm from differerent repos and found that satellite treated them as the same package.

I found out though that dell released some new system for updates and not sure yet if local sync / satellite is supported with DSU.

So I think will lay low until I know more about DSU.
Thanks for all your suggestions ...

Thanks for updating the thread. I had seen DSU mentioned on their forum, but I had not looked in to it.

Interestingly enough, part of the reason I started to look at alternative methods to sync the Dell repos was it was seemingly retrieving the entire package set every time the sync was run (as though the process did not even check to see if the package was already present). And now I wonder if there is possibly something that is not "quite right" with the Dell RPMs that makes Satellite incapable of knowing a particular attribute about the package (i.e. perhaps a field is left blank). I'll check whether I pull down the package in your original post and I'll see if I am not in the same situation and I'll try to dig in to the RPM itself to see if something is not amiss. I think at this point the hardware independent packages are over 10GB. That's a lot to sync up!!