Configuration SPM RHEV 3.4

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Hello Guys

I'm trying RHEV 3.4 and I have no clarity as Storage Pool Manager works. I have configured iSCSI network and from the Storage I will present two LUN to create VM. I do not have much knowledge of this RHEV platform and I wonder if I should create a special LUN dedicated to SPM for example of 30GB or it is not necessary. The size of each LUN for VM are of 500Gb. I can only have two LUN.

What if a host that is as SPM falls and has virtual machines running, these are turned off and should turn the other node takes over as SPM.

It should be some settings so that when a host is falling machines automatically turn on at another node.

Thanks for your help.



SPM - is a function of one of your hypervisors (not a particular LUN) and it will change depending on events in your environment (i.e. putting a hypervisor in maintenance-mode, etc...) So - good news - you don't need to worry about the SPM ;-)