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I've recently run into an issue where one of the Red Hat repositories didn't sync all of the packages that should be in it. When adding the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Server - RH Common RPMs x86_64 6.4 repo and performing the initial sync, only 15 packages were downloaded. In the same repo for other versions, there are more than 150 packages. While working with support, they've had me disable and enable the repo to try and trigger a fresh sync, but satellite just reports there are no new packages.

Is there any way to force satellite to redownload all packages or to see why it is only downloading a few?


Hey Gary,
PREFACE: I am not advocating doing anything without Red Hat's blessing

What steps did you take to add that channel? (i.e. did you run satellite-sync -c )
Did they ask you to delete the cache directories as well? On occasion I have have had to do this myself (for different reasons) and initiate a resync. (if you google search "/var/cache/rhn/satsync" you will see some examples). Again - I would clear with support before you do anything in case it messes up whatever direction they are hoping to go.

EDIT: the method I mention (clearing the cache) does not download everything - I think it simply checks what should be there, what actually is there, downloads the delta and then relinks everything.

Thanks James,

Sorry, I should have mentioned this is for Satellite 6. The initial (and subsequent) sync was handled through the WebUI.

Ahh.. you're on your own then ;-) Some of the Satellite 6 team posts on the Customer Portal - so, hopefully one of them will see this.

Does it give any errors on the sync, or fail silently? I had a repo that would not sync correctly (showing "Sync Incomplete" on the Sync Status page) and the best support could do have me completely delete that repo (remove it from all Content Views & published versions thereof, then un-check it in Content -> Red Hat Repositories), and start over by re-adding it to the system.

If you are syncing from the Content > Sync Status page, the status of the repo sync should be a clickable link (on the far right hand side). Click on that and it should take you to the task status.

  1. what is the "Output" (towards the bottom)?
  2. Under the "Raw" tab can you grab the complete "raw input" text?
  3. Is anything listed under the "Errors" tab?


Thanks for the tips all. In working with RH support, we've discovered that the RH Common repo for RHEL6.4 in the Red Hat CDN is not fully populated. The support tech was able to reproduce the problem by syncing that repo and also only getting 15 packages. It's currently with RH engineering to resolve the issue.