ppc64 repositories and Satellite 6

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Has anyone had success syncing ppc64 repositories to Satellite 6? I have them visible under RedHat repositories, but when toggling them as selected nothing happens in the web UI. In the foreman logs I can find the following:
Processing by Katello::ProductsController#toggle_repository as /
Parameters: {"repo"=>"1", "content_id"=>"2588", "releasever"=>"7Server", "basearch"=>"ppc64", "id"=>"19"}
CDN loading error: access forbidden to https://cdn.redhat.com:443/content/dist/rhel/power/7/7Server/ppc64/os/repodata/ (Katello::Errors::SecurityViolation)

Manifest that has been imported to Satellite server lists ppc64 as valid architecture under subscriptions. Am I missing something?


I get an error when i try to add common repo for redhat 5.9 or 5.8 i386

RuntimeError: {"basearch"=>"i386", "releasever"=>"5.9"} are not valid substitutions for /content/dist/rhel/server/5/$releasever/$basearch/rh-common/os