Satellite 6. No repository content provided through this subscription.

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I did an install of satellite 6 on a minimal rhel7 server. Everything seems to be fine, except that there are no repos available to sync under Content -> Red Hat Repositories. I did set up a satellite in the Subscription management applications. Added subscriptions (including satellite subscription) And then downloaded the Satellite imports it perfectly, and I can see the attached subscriptions when I go to Content -> Red Hat Subscriptions on the satellite server. However after clicking the subscription and selecting the Product content tab it says: No repository content provided through this subscription.

Also when I go and browse the Red Hat Repositories there is a long list under which I can expand everything but no actual repos are there to be selected.

Has anyone else seen this?


Actually it seems that selinux is dropping a line to audit.log when I try to expand a tree that should have repositories. And disabling selinux pops up the repositories. I should have nagged earlier. Maybe someone needs to revisit the bit in the installation manual which recommends having selinux on enforcing.

And tracking further it turns out to be because of the squid proxy I have. If I allow passenger_can_connect_all sebool everything seems to work fine with SELinux on.

Thanks for posting back your solution, I am sure people (myself included) will find this information useful in future when deploying Satellite 6.