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Kernel Oops Analyzer

Dong Zhao published on 2014-06-20T07:50:34+00:00, last updated 2014-06-23T14:56:27+00:00

We're proud to introduce a new Red Hat Access Labs app: Kernel Oops Analyzer.

This tool is designed to help you diagnose a kernel crash. When you input a text or a file including one or more kernel oops messages, we will walk you through diagnosing the kernel crash issue.

To use this app, copy and paste a text or choose a file including kernel oop messages and click the Detect button. All kernel messages will be extracted and shown on the right side of the page. If only one kernel oops message is found, the app will automatically find a solution for you; otherwise, if more than one kernel oops messages are found, you can choose one to find a solution.

Solutions may be presented in two forms. If your kernel oops message exactly matches a known issue, the solution will be a compound result with multiple parts: a KCS solution, fixed kernel versions, errata, and Bugzilla bugs.

If there is no exact match to your kernel message, we will search the Red Hat Knowledgebase and return several of the most relevant KCS solutions.

If you are not sure how to get kernel oops messages, you can find tips on the lower left side of this page.

Try it for yourself and have fun. And don't forget to let us know what you think! You can leave comments on the app info page.


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