How do I get support for 3Com 3C905C, 3Com 3C905B and 3Com 3C905 cards?

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The 3Com 3C905C, 3Com 3C905B and 3Com 3C905 cards are second-generation 3c590-family cards, with a single auto-sensing RJ-45 port. Currently these cards are by far the most common 3Com cards in use. They have different hardware, but they all use the same drivers. You may also see 3C905C as the 3C905C-TX, see 3C905B as 3C905B-TX, see 3C905 as 3C905-TX.

3com provides the support for these cards. You can get support from following url:

These cards are also supported by the 3Com 3c90x.o driver available on the Installation CDs or at /