OpenSCAP release notes

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With OpenSCAP, you can perform fully automated compliance audits of Red Hat Enterprise Linux installations according to specified security standards. The OpenSCAP library, with the accompanying oscap command-line utility, is designed to perform configuration and vulnerability scans on a local system, to validate configuration compliance content, and to generate reports and guides based on these scans and evaluations.



  • Fixed systemd probes to not ignore some systemd units
  • Added offline capabilities to the shadow OVAL probe
  • Added offline capabilities to the sysctl OVAL probe
  • Added auristorfs to the list of network filesystems
  • Created a workaround for issues with tailoring files produced by the autotailor utility



  • Fixed error when processing OVAL filters RHBZ#2126882
  • OpenSCAP no longer emits invalid empty xmlfilecontent items if XPath does not match RHBZ#2139060
  • Prevented Failed to check available memory errors RHBZ#2111040