Red Hat Service Interconnect 1.4.x Resolved Issues

Updated -

Red Hat Service Interconnect 1.4.x receives 1 year of full support and 1 additional year of maintenance support from the date of general availability, July 11, 2023. Updates to Red Hat Service Interconnect will be provided in the form of micro releases and the fixes made available in each of these micro releases will be tracked in this document.

Red Hat Service Interconnect 1.4.2:

ID Summary
SKUPPER-979 Router crash on sys_mutex_unlock
SKUPPER-921 Detect and force-close idle half-close TCP connections
SKUPPER-894 Tracking of streams may be corrupted in balanced delivery
SKUPPER-888 Site controller is crashing during startup when watching all namespaces
SKUPPER-877 Add respective SHAs to the images in the manifest file
SKUPPER-874 Skupper podman is trying to use IPv6 by default
SKUPPER-873 Remove unwanted test certs from image
SKUPPER-872 Service controller can block when service sync is disabled
SKUPPER-861 Console auth verification and enforcement
SKUPPER-854 Router restart in Longevity test