What subscriptions (SKUs) are included in Subscription Usage (Subscriptions)?

Updated -

Subscription Usage (Subscriptions at console.redhat.com) has changed the method that determines if a SKU should be counted in the subscription threshold: moving from an allow-list to a deny-list.

• What's changing

Subscription Usage identifies subscriptions through their stock-keeping units, or SKUs.

Previously, Subscription Usage maintained an explicit list of SKUs to monitor, for example, the SKUs that contribute to the subscription threshold in the reports. These SKUs covered the majority of customer purchases for Red Hat products.

This process has changed to an explicit list of SKUs that will not be counted in the threshold. This change allows for more scalable coverage of Red Hat products in the future.

• Why is it changing

As Subscription Usage expands its coverage of product offerings, maintaining a deny-list is easier than managing an allow-list. This change means that new SKUs will be included in Subscription Usage by default unless they are specifically excluded from what should be counted in the subscription threshold.

• Why do we even have a deny-list?

There are many SKUs that should not be considered in the subscription threshold that Subscription Usage counts. For example, Developer subscriptions, Trial subscriptions, etc., do not contribute to what a customer needs to pay for, and including them would inappropriately inflate the subscription threshold and reduce transparency.

• Where to find the latest deny-list
To find the current list of SKUs that are not included in Subscription Usage, see the most recent source code for the deny list.

• How might this impact me?
If there are SKUs that are not present in Subscription Usage that you think should be included, you can view Subscription Inventory to check whether they are present there. Unlike Subscription Usage, Subscription Inventory does not use a deny list, and lists all subscriptions that are present in your account. For additional questions, contact your sales account team.