Cloudforms Support for non-Red Hat Virtual and Cloud Infrastructures

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If a customer chooses to use Cloudforms with a non-certified components
or infrastructure, and Red Hat believes that the non-certified component
is involved in the issue, Red Hat will provide support in the following

Scenario 1: Replacement for Diagnostic purposes

If a customer is using a non-certified component or virtual
infrastructure Red Hat may ask the customer to replicate the issue using
certified components as part of the diagnostic process. This will allow
Red hat to isolate the problem and interaction and will help determine

This includes using a non-certified hypervisor, a non-Red Hat version of
Openstack or other third-party component or software.

Scenario 2: Non-Replacement

If a customer is using a non-certified component or virtual
infrastructure and is not able to replicate the issue using certified
components, Red Hat can work with the customer and the third-party
vendor to further troubleshoot the issue and determine where final
resolution lies.

In order for this to happen the customer must have a valid support
contract with both parties, and the third-party must be a member of TSANet.

This policy is inline with Red Hat's general policy on third-party software
and hypervisors:
How does Red Hat Global Support Services handle third-party software, drivers,
and/or uncertified hardware/hypervisors?

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