AMQ Broker - 7.9.x Resolved Issues

Updated -

The AMQ Broker 7.9.1 release is now available for download from the Customer Support Portal. AMQ Broker 7.9.1 is a patch release for AMQ Broker 7.9.0 and can be applied as a patch to an existing broker instance or can be used to create new broker instances. Note, AMQ Broker patches are cumulative and include fixes from previous patch releases as noted below.

The following issues have been resolved in the AMQ Broker 7.9.1 release:

ID Component Summary
ENTMQBR-4894 Improve the error management of the OpenWireMessageConverter
ENTMQBR-4996 MQTT's 'Session Present' is always '1'(true)
ENTMQBR-5062 decreaseNetworkConsumerPriority in networked brokers
ENTMQBR-5133 Resource Adapter Support for Shared Connections
ENTMQBR-5240 Implement Metering Labels in Broker OCP Images
ENTMQBR-5242 SNF Stuck Queue with concurrent cluster and reconnections
ENTMQBR-5389 Mirror is not searching for Acks on PagedMessages
ENTMQBR-5394 JMX: cluster-connection start() method does not work after stop() method invoked
ENTMQBR-5400 NPE on OpenWireConnection ln 837 resulting in thread contention
ENTMQBR-5439 CVE-2021-37136 netty-codec: Bzip2Decoder doesn't allow setting size restrictions for decompressed data [amq-7]
ENTMQBR-5440 CVE-2021-37137 netty-codec: SnappyFrameDecoder doesn't restrict chunk length and may buffer skippable chunks in an unnecessary way [amq-7]
ENTMQBR-5487 Bridge reconnect will lead to incorrect Queue.deliveringCounts
ENTMQBR-5488 Rogue queue auto creation against simultaneous clients and destroy Address
ENTMQBR-5508 AddDuplicateIDOperation objects retained on heap
ENTMQBR-5518 Logged supported versions do not match operator.yaml
ENTMQBR-5565 Openwire will break duplicateID interaction with compacting when using Transactions
ENTMQBR-5584 AMQP Consumer fails to receive LargeMessage when Broker uses JDBC storage
ENTMQBR-5603 Clarify the use of the three AMQ Broker Operators in OperatorHub
ENTMQBR-5612 Address is already in use when adding a new user from CLI
ENTMQBR-5614 amq-broker7 on openshift propertiesLoginModules not setting roles correctly
ENTMQBR-5618 Federation does not work with large messages
ENTMQBR-5622 ActiveMQArtemisAddress CR is not resilient to the scale up
ENTMQBR-5687 BufferSplitter::split shouldn't consume input buffer
ENTMQBR-5689 Operator cannot handle patching console to ssl Enabled
ENTMQBR-5725 Broker fails to load if there is a prepared transaction with an ACK is pending on an non existent page