Migration Analytics Retirement Notice

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When did this product retire?

Migration Analytics was retired in May 2021.

Why was the product retired?

Migration Analytics was leveraging CloudForms for data extraction. With Cloudforms being end of life, several alternatives were evaluated as replacements, but none was found suitable. Therefore, Migration Analytics was retired.

What is the replacement solution?

There is no replacement solution. The issue detection mechanism is being used in Konveyor’s Forklift and the Migration Toolkit for Virtualization. Pre-assessment capabilities are being reimplemented in Konveyor’s Tackle to be included in the Migration Toolkit for Applications.

What’s the cost?
There is no cost.

What’s the upgrade process?
There is no upgrade process.

What’s the new product’s lifecycle?
The lifecycle of the new products:
Migration Toolkit for Virtualization lifecycle
Migration Toolkit for Applications lifecycle

Where can I learn more?
Red Hat Migration Toolkits

Will the product still work?

The product was provided as Software as a Service; therefore, the product is not available.
Code is open source available as project-xavier in GitHub.

What happens to my data?

All data collected was provided as a payload and made available for you upon extraction.
SaaS data was deleted with the decommissioning of the service.