Is HP StorageWorks CLX (Continuous Access) supported with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Cluster and High Availability?

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This article describes the support status for using the HP StorageWorks Cluster Extension (CLX) software with Continuous Access storage replication technology in conjunction with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Cluster and High Availability.


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Advanced Platform (Clustering and GFS/GFS2)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 with the High Availability or Resilient Storage Add-ons
  • HP CLX Product with Continuous Access Storage Replication


In general, Red Hat Enterprise Linux with High Availability Clustering is supported with HP CLX.

However, Red Hat cannot directly support certain HP CLX functionality, including the following:

  • Stretch clusters that involve site-to-site replication via the Continuous Access replication technology
  • Replication direction toggling during cluster operation
  • HP CLX resource agents and those agents' interactions with other services or rgmanager

Before deploying HP CLX, you should first seek architectural approval from your HP sales or support contact. HP will work jointly with Red Hat on the architectural review.

If you encounter any issues, Red Hat recommends that you open a support issue/ticket with HP directly and then allow HP to escalate to Red Hat support if the issue is not CLX specific.

Red Hat does not support HP CLX when used in conjunction with the following technologies:

  • GFS / GFS2
  • clvmd
  • cmirror
  • LVM mirroring

For additional information on the stretch cluster configurations supported by Red Hat directly, see Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Cluster and High Availability Stretch Architectures.


Hi - please can you tell me if this article is still current? Has your position on support for clvm + gfs2 in a CLX environment changed?