How to Create a New Red Hat Login ID and Account

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  • Important Notes
    • If you need to join an existing account, please contact your account Organization Administrator. 1
    • The following steps are exclusively for creating a new login ID and account separate from any existing accounts.
    • Once a login ID has been created, it can not be changed.
    • Login IDs can not be linked, merged, transferred, or reused between accounts.

Steps for creating a new Red Hat login ID and Account

  • Navigate to the user registration page.

  • Select the account type.

    • Select Corporate if using the account with an Organization or Business. A corporate Red Hat account allows a set of users to centrally purchase or administer systems within a corporate organization (system administrators, purchasing agents, IT management, etc.) If you have created a Corporate type account and require an account number, please reach out to

    • Select Personal if the account will only have a single user and not be used for business purposes. A personal Red Hat account is for purchasing or administering your own personal systems.

  • Create a unique login ID.

    • Minimum length is 5 characters.
    • Maximum length is 45 characters.
    • It is highly discouraged to use your contact email as the Login ID as this can cause issues at log-in if you
      are associated with multiple accounts.
    • Once a Login ID has been created, it cannot be changed.
    • Login IDs cannot be linked, merged, transferred, or reused between accounts.
    • Special characters that can be used include @ ! @ { } [ ] - _ .
    • Numerical characters can be used in the Login ID.
    • Red Hat Login ID cannot contain spaces, national characters, or the following special characters.
      " $ ^ < > | + % / ; : , * = ~ #()
  • Create a strong and unique password.

    • Must be at least 14 characters.
    • Must include at least 3 of the following: lowercase letter, uppercase letters, numbers, symbols.
    • Cannot contain the word(s) "redhat" or "password".
  • Fill in the rest of your personal information in the fields needed.

If you have questions or need additional guidance on setting up a Red Hat login ID and account, please contact

  1. To join an existing Red hat account, the Organization Administrator must perform one of the following procedures.
    To add a single user to an existing account, follow these steps.
    To add multiple users to an existing account, follow these steps↩︎