What is the procedure to enroll for the Red Hat Cloud Access Program (BYOS)?

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  • Overview of the Red Hat Cloud Access Program

    • Red Hat Cloud Access is a program that allows Red Hat customers to run eligible Red Hat product subscriptions on Certified Public Cloud Providers.

    • Red Hat provides Gold Images for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, RHEL for SAP, Red Hat Atomic Host, Red Hat Gluster Storage, and Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform for AWS.

    • For Microsoft Azure, only 'Red Hat Enterprise Linux' images are available.

    • For Google Cloud Platform, only 'Red Hat Enterprise Linux' images are available.

    • For products that are not provided as a Gold Image on the Cloud Portal, start with a Red Hat Enterprise Linux image and install the desired Red Hat Product.

  • Enrollment Process

    1. Log in to the Red Hat Customer Portal.

    2. Navigate to the Cloud Access Dashboard from the top menu bar.

    3. Click on 'Enable a new provider' to select the required Cloud Provider.

    4. Select the Cloud Provider (AWS or Azure or GCP) from the drop-down menu.

    5. Enter your Account Information for the Cloud Provider, including the account number. (You can enter up to 100 accounts at a time).

    6. Choose the Subscription(s) you plan to deploy on the Cloud Provider. The list contains only the eligible subscriptions. To check the eligible products click here.

    7. For each subscription you want to enable, enter the anticipated maximum number of Subscription Entitlements that you plan to deploy on the Cloud Provider in the Maximum Enabled Entitlement Quantity field.

    8. Click on Enable to request the process.

    9. Next, click on the 3 dots besides Date Added and click on Activate Gold Image to complete the process.

  • Gold Image Activation

    • After processing the request, please allow up to 3 hours to 1 business day for the Gold Images to appear on the AWS portal.

    • The Gold Images for Azure may take up to 3 hours to 5 business hours once the request has been processed.

    • It might take 3-4 business hours for the Google Cloud account to be linked to the Red Hat Customer Portal.

      Note: Once you have successfully completed the form, you will see the Cloud Provider added to your Cloud Access Dashboard. You can view the subscriptions enabled for the Cloud Provider under the Enabled Products tab, and the Cloud Provider accounts you added under the Accounts tab. Once the product is enabled you will be able to see it listed under the Enabled Products tab under that particular Cloud Provider. And once the status is shown as 'Granted' from the Red Hat Portal, you can login to your respective Cloud portal and locate the RHEL BYOS Gold Images.