Red Hat Access: Subscription Asset Manager Dashboard Plug-in

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Red Hat's Global Support Services is pleased to announce the introduction of the Red Hat Access plug-in in the latest 1.3 versions of Subscription Asset Manager. With Red Hat Access, customers can find help using exclusive Red Hat knowledge, resources, and functionality, all from within the Subscription Asset Manager web user interface.

Red Hat Access search capability is now seamlessly integrated and provides the following to subscribers:

  • Convenient access to exclusive Red Hat knowledge and solutions.
  • Ability to search error codes, messages, etc., and view related knowledge from the Red Hat Customer Portal.


The Red Hat Access Plug-in is automatically installed with the latest Subscription Asset Manager versions 1.3 and above. This includes both fresh installations as well as upgrades from earlier releases. Please refer to the SAM release notes for details of SAM installation or upgrades. Ensure that the following command is executed after an upgrade:

katello-service restart


After installation, a new "Red Hat Access" menu will appear at the top-right corner of the Subscription Asset Manager user interface.

Red Hat Access Menu

The "Search" sub-menu of the "Red Hat Access" menu is used to launch an in-product search screen that provides access to the Red Hat Knowledgebase. To access the additional information, the user will need to have an active account on the Red Hat Customer Portal.

Red Hat Access Initial

Once the user is logged into the Red Hat Customer Portal, the search screen allows a keyword search of the Knowledgebase to be performed. Users can enter error codes, lines from a log file, or any set of keywords to produce a relevant query. The plug-in will search the Red Hat Knowledgebase and present the results in a list with the most relevant results first. The user can then select an item in the list to view the solution/article details in right pane.

Red Hat Access Search