What are the benefits of an organizational account as opposed to a personal one?

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An organizational account is the foundation to administer systems owned by a user's business, or to make business purchases of Red Hat products and services. It allows the organization to have multiple points of contact for technical support issues as well as being able to request credit approval on new purchases made through our sales team. An organizational account should be used if the ownership and usage of the subscriptions is by the organization. If you are a home user and intend to be the sole user of the subscription, a Personal account may be appropriate for your needs.

Note: If your organization already has an existing Red Hat Network (RHN) business login, contact your Organization Administrator to have a login created for you on the account. If your Organization Administrator does not have the ability to add multiple logins to the account or is not sure how to manage this functionality, contact Customer Service at one of the following locations:

North/South America: customerservice@redhat.com or 1-888-REDHAT-1

Europe/Middle East: customerservice-emea@redhat.com or +44 1483 734 995

Asia/Australia: customerservice-apac@redhat.com or +61 2 8923 2800