Documentation Feedback FAQ

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How can I leave feedback on documentation?

  1. Navigate to the appropriate Product Documentation.
  2. Locate the topic "Providing feedback on product-name documentation"
  3. Each product that is configured to accept feedback provides a description about how to provide feedback along with a link to open a ticket.

Who can leave feedback?

Any user logged into the Red Hat's Jira can leave feedback.

Who can see my feedback? What are the privacy settings?

If the Jira project is public, then you will see a notice when opening the ticket. The ticket is read-only for everyone except the original reporter and Red Hat associates.

How do I monitor the progress on my feedback? Through the ticketing system, via email, or some other way?

You can monitor the progress of your feedback through the ticket.

When will I get a reply?

Response times vary and depend on the capacity of the team. We will respond as soon as possible!

What happens to my feedback?

A Red Hat associate who is actively working on the product documentation addresses your feedback. The associate either accepts and moves the feedback or declines it with an explanation. If the feedback uncovers an important issue, Red Hat will incorporate the information into applicable releases.

Why should I leave feedback?

Your feedback is valuable to us. If you notice a problem or would like an improvement, Red Hat wants to know.