Public Cloud Kubernetes Support Statement

Updated -

The combination of Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform provides a differentiated application modernization platform by extending Kubernetes through Operators. This extension provides a level of management that exceeds what can be provided through managed cloud services and other Kubernetes distributions.

The search, policy and application management agents that Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management provides interact directly with standard CNCF Kubernetes APIs. Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management provides the use of search, policy and application deployment with a cloud provider's managed Kubernetes services within the cloud provider's terms of use. Only the aspects that are allowed by the cloud provider can be configured by using the Kubernetes API controller can be influenced by Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management. If the cloud provider's given feature requires direct interaction with that cloud provider's proprietary APIs to enable, query or disable functions, then configuration of that feature will not be supported.

Additionally, if a support ticket is raised and the root cause has been determined to be a result of the cloud provider's implementation of Kubernetes, then the issue must be resolved using the cloud provider's support channels.

Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management does not commit to fix support tickets raised by customers using Kubernetes distributions that are not part of the stated tested and verified Kubernetes distributions and cloud providers.