New Red Hat Case Management System FAQ

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I previously used a different method of logging in and managing cases. How do I access the new system?

If you previously used Issue Tracker (MetaMatrix customers or customers with a TAM) , then you will need to use your Red Hat login (also known as an RHN login) to access the Customer Portal. The Red Hat login is different from your Issue Tracker login. If you did not use this system previously, then your login will remain the same. When you access the Customer Portal with your Red Hat login you will have access to ticketing, knowledge, downloads and other features all in the same place.

I  do not have a Red Hat login, I only have a Red Hat Issue Tracker or CSP login. How do I get a login for the new ticketing system?

If you only have a Red Hat Issue Tracker Login you will need to review the instructions on how to obtain a Red Hat login. Please review this Knowledgebase article or contact Customer Service for further assistance. If you have a CSP login, this is the same as your Red Hat login and you can continue to use your existing login with the new system.

Can I still access my cases from the old case management system?

Yes, your old ticket data will be migrated. All tickets currently open will be migrated to the new system. Tickets that have been closed will be migrated for the past three years. If necessary, closed tickets more than three years old can be accessed by contacting Red Hat Support.

Can I provide updates to cases via email rather than via a web interface?

Yes, you can reply to emails from the system to add updates to your cases.

How do I open a case in the new system?

Refer to How do I open and manage a support case on the Customer Portal?

How can I change the severity of a case?

You can change the severity of the case, and other case details, at any time by clicking the Edit button in the Case Details section while viewing an open case.

Where do I report defects or request feature improvements?

Open a support case about the issue and set the product to Red Hat Customer Portal.

Where can I get more information about the Red Hat Customer Portal?

See the Customer Portal FAQ here: