Red Hat JBoss Operations Network has reached the end of its product life cycle

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Red Hat JBoss Operations Network (JBoss ON) has reached the end of its product life cycle. The final feature release for JBoss ON was made available in November 2014, and no additional enhancements are planned for the product. The Maintenance phase of the JBoss ON 3 life cycle ended in June 2019, at which point scheduled maintenance for the JBoss ON server, agents, and plug-ins, ceased. For an additional three years, until June 2022, Red Hat will provide Migration Support for JBoss ON that provides advice in migrating JBoss ON capabilities to other solutions. Migration Support delivers Critical impact security fixes and selected urgent-priority bug fixes, if and when available. Red Hat will generally continue to proactively provide the Critical impact security fixes if and when available independent of customer requests. JBoss ON users are advised to move to a replacement for the capabilities of JBoss ON in use today.

What are my options?
JBoss ON will not be replaced in the Red Hat Middleware portfolio by another dedicated middleware monitoring and management solution. Red Hat has a number of configuration management and monitoring technologies in the larger portfolio, and customers may be able to move to those solutions without additional cost if they have entitlements in place.

  • Red Hat Ansible and Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform provide consistent deployment and configuration management across your enterprise, and Ansible Galaxy has numerous playbooks for Red Hat Middleware that can replace the configuration management capabilities and content and bundle provisioning capabilities of JBoss ON, many created by Red Hat Consultants. Contact your account team or Red Hat Services to get started with Ansible.
  • Red Hat Middleware has invested in delivering superior application platforms in Red Hat OpenShift for several years. All current Red Hat Middleware products are available in OpenShift. OpenShift eliminates traditional configuration management as supported by JBoss ON and replaces it with immutable deployments and configurations defined at build/deployment time. Widely adopted monitoring technologies for metric collection and logging are available in OpenShift, and can provide flexible monitoring capabilities for your applications.
  • Red Hat Partners provide alternative configuration management or monitoring solutions that you can acquire or may already have in use, and can adapt to provide insight or control of your Red Hat Middleware deployments. The Red Hat Business Partner finder can identify partners you can contact for assistance.