How do I install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Update 3 on HP's bc2100 Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA) blade?

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The HP bc2100 is a telecommunications blade. It is a headless system which requires the use of a serial console for all console access and intial setup. The bc2100 supports PXE and network installs.

Complete documentation on installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Update 3 on the bc2100 ca be found here:

Support Notes for Installing and Using Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version 4 Update 3 on the HP bc2100 ATCA blade

The bc2100 can be installed via serial consiole, but the recommended method is to use VNC which provides added functionality that the text mode install does not provide. If text mode installs are required, HP's install document covers the additional steps required to install via text mode.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version 4 Update 3 is currently not supported on a bc2100 blade configured with 16GB of memory and firmware version TP752HRA.86H.0002 (or prior).

Problem: Installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4U3 on the above bc2100 configuration will fail.

Solution: Either update the bc2100 firmware to the latest firmware version, or install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.4 or later.


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux4U3, the supported release for ATCA, works with all other bc2100 memory configurations (such as an 8 GB memory configuration).

  • A bc2100 blade with firmware revision TP752HRA.86H.0006 (or newer) can be installed with either Red Hat Enterprise Linux4U3 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux4.4.

  • Only bc2100 blades with firmware version TP752HRA.86H.0002 (or prior) and 16 GB of memory must be installed with Red Hat Enterprise Linux4.4 rather than Red Hat Enterprise Linux4U3.