2013 - Deploying and Using Red Hat OpenStack (RHOS) 2.1

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This reference architecture introduces Red Hat OpenStack 2.1 through three detailed use cases:
- Installing an evaluation Red Hat OpenStack deployment consisting of a cloud controller and a single compute node
- Expanding the evaluation deployment to four compute nodes, multi-host networking, and NFS backed persistent storage
- Deploying a multi-tier web application to the Red Hat OpenStack infrastructure complete with post-boot customization

This paper contains step by step instructions for expanding an evaluation Red Hat OpenStack 2.1 deployment to a basic cloud architecture suitable for a small production environment. Every step was tested in Red Hat’s engineering lab with production code.



This Document is great and very helpful for learning more about openstack after running packstack.
If have done all the steps with RDO without any problem. One diff between rhos and rdo that i found with "nova-manage service list" is, on rhos all the services a running in the nova zone. With rdo, some services are running in the internal zone and some nova-compute/nova-network services are running in the nova zone. I don't know what's the impact with that and what's possible with zone's. But i don't found any limitation because of this different zones. For the deploying of the mutli-tier application i found one typo in the sysreg.sh script if anybody using Activationkeys (--activationkey) with the Redhat Satellite.

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