CVE-2018-14649 - ceph-iscsi-cli: rbd-target-api service runs in debug mode allowing for remote command execution

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It was found that ceph-isci-cli package as shipped by Red Hat Ceph Storage 2 and 3 is using python-werkzeug in debug shell mode. This is done by setting "debug=True" in file /usr/bin/rbd-target-api provided by ceph-isci-cli package.

This allows unauthenticated attackers to access this debug shell and escalate privileges. Once an attacker has successfully connected to this debug shell they will be able to execute arbitrary commands remotely. These commands will run with the same privileges as of user executing the application which is using python-werkzeug with debug shell mode enabled. In - Red Hat Ceph Storage 2 and 3, ceph-isci-cli package runs python-werkzeug library with root level permissions.


Red Hat Product Security has rated CVE-2018-14649 as having a security impact of Critical.
The following Red Hat product versions are impacted:

  • Red Hat Ceph Storage 2
  • Red Hat Ceph Storage 3


Red Hat customers running affected versions of these Red Hat products are strongly recommended to update them as soon as errata is available.


Red Hat recommends implementing the mitigation steps available on the CVE Page CVE-2018-14649, while Red Hat is working to release a formal fix.