How do I get my HostRaid device working on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 update 4 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux3 update 8 on the IBM IntelliStation Z Pro (6223)?

Updated -

To use this HostRaide device, the AIC7902 driver must be used.

Download the AIC7902 driver from for x86 or for x86_64.

To install the HostRAID device driver while installing Red Hat Linux:

  1. Insert the Red Hat Installation CD into the CD-ROM drive.

  2. Turn on or restart the server.

  3. Type linux dd and any other options for the installation; then, press Enter. (On some versions of Red Hat Linux, linux dd noprobe may be needed instead of linux dd.)

  4. Follow the prompts to complete the installation. Insert the HostRAID driver diskette when prompted.

To remove the AIC7902 driver and return the system as closely as possible to its original state, first use lsmod to find the driver module name. Then use rmmod to remove the driver to return to the original state.