How to obtain source for Red Hat products shipped as container images

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Obtaining source container images

Red Hat now produces source container images that match each Universal Base Image (UBI) that it publishes. To read about UBI source container images and how to obtain them, refer to Getting UBI Container Image Source Code.

Viewing list of source packages used in a container

A source manifest is available for each Red Hat product container image and includes a list of the representative open source packages used in the image. These manifests are publicly available at To view a list of the open source packages used in a specific container image, use the repository name to find the appropriate source manifest.

Repository Image version/tag Source manifest location
openshift3/ose v3.9.14
rhosp12/openstack-base 12.0

Obtaining source code used in a container

A listing of every version of source packages used in published container images is publicly available at Each source package listed in the index file is linked to its representative source code. For RPM-based content, information is publicly available for how to obtain rpm source code.