Which Dell servers are certified to use amounts of memory in excess of the posted limits for Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

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  • The Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) version comparison guide, located at the following URL:

lists both a certified and a theoretical maximum memory limit for each version of RHEL. Are there any Dell systems that have been certified to use memory amounts in excess of the posted limits?


  • RHEL 3, 4, 5, And 6


  • The memory limits displayed on the version comparison guide (link above) are shown in “a/b” format. The “a” value indicates the actual tested and verified limit for memory in that particular version of RHEL. The “b” value indicates an untested theoretical maximum amount of RAM that may be addressable. In some situations, hardware vendors work in conjunction with Red Hat to certify their systems using memory amounts greater than the verified maximum limits (the "a" values) listed on the comparison guide. Dell and Red Hat have worked together in this manner to raise the supported memory limits on the systems in the table below. Please note that the operating system versions listed in the table are the only versions that supports the extended memory amounts. If you wish to use a different version of the operating system with one of these servers, the memory limits will revert to the lower "a" values displayed on the comparison page.
Dell Server Model Certified Memory Amount Operating System Version
PowerEdge R810 512GB

RHEL5.4 with RHSA-2009-1670-1*, RHEL5.5 or newer

PowerEdge R815 512GB RHEL5.4 with RHSA-2009-1670-1*, RHEL5.5 or newer
PowerEdge M910 512GB RHEL5.4 with RHSA-2009-1670-1*, RHEL5.5 or newer
PowerEdge R920 6TB RHEL6.5

*Customers Wishing to run RHEL5.4 must use a specific 5.4 errata kernel or newer. For more information about this topic, please see the following kbase article: https://access.redhat.com/site/node/25195