Release Notes for Red Hat Enterprise Linux AMIs in AWS EC2

Updated -

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 AMIs

RHEL Version Release Date Release Notes
RHEL 7.6 7/15/2019
RHEL 7.5 5/22/2019
RHEL 7.4 GA 8/1/2017
RHEL 7.3 6/13/2017
RHEL 7.4 Beta 5/18/2017
RHEL 7.3 4/24/2017
RHEL 7.3 GA 10/26/2016

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 AMIs

RHEL Version Release Date Release Notes
RHEL 6.10 8/13/2018
RHEL 6.9 10/26/2017
RHEL 6.9 6/13/2017
RHEL 6.9 4/24/2017
RHEL 6.9 GA 3/19/2017


This page is out of date and should be updated with the latest available images.

Please update this page with RHEL7.7 images on cloud.

is this page still valid or any change in the process? I can see the latest image in AWS but this page is not updating since a long time

Is any action being taken to update this page to latest AMI's as requested by others or is there a new page? Please let us know.

Instead of maintaining a list which is outdated, this ks maybe helpful How to list the latest available RHEL images on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Needs to be updated.

Where are the notes for RHEL 8 and 9?

Was after RHEL 9?