Support Policies for RHEL Resilient Storage - RHEL High Availability Requirements for Resilient Storage

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Applicable Environments

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) with the Resilient Storage Add-On

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This policy guide describes general requirements, limitations, and conditions around use of RHEL High Availability for RHEL Resilient Storage components . Users of RHEL Resilient Storage technologies should adhere to these policies in order to be eligible for support from Red Hat with the appropriate product support subscriptions.


Resilient Storage only supported with High Availability: Red Hat's RHEL Resilient Storage components are designed and implemented to be run on top of a RHEL High Availability cluster. These Resilient Storage components are only supported by Red Hat when deployed in such a High Availability cluster. Any deployment of RHEL Resilient Storage components on a system that is not a configured member of a RHEL High Availability cluster is not eligible for support from Red Hat.

RHEL High Availability support policies apply to Resilient Storage: With Resilient Storage being a set of components that operate on top of a High Availability cluster, the support policies that apply to High Availability are all applicable in Resilient Storage clusters as well. If any area or topic covered in a RHEL High Availability policy is not otherwise covered or overridden in a Resilient Storage policy, then that High Availability policy applies to Resilient Storage components.