What version of Performance Co-Pilot is included with each RHEL release?

Updated -
RHEL 6.6 pcp-3.9.4-5
RHEL 6.7 pcp-3.10.3-3
RHEL 6.8 pcp-3.10.9-6
RHEL 6.9 pcp-3.10.9-8
RHEL 7.0 pcp-3.8.10-8
RHEL 7.1 pcp-3.9.10-8
RHEL 7.2 pcp-3.10.6-1
RHEL 7.3 pcp-3.11.3-3
RHEL 7.4 pcp-3.11.8-7
RHEL 7.5 pcp-3.12.2-5
RHEL 7.6 pcp-4.1.0-5
RHEL 7.7 pcp-4.3.2-4
RHEL 7.8 pcp-4.3.2-6
RHEL 7.9 pcp-4.3.2-10
RHEL 8.0 pcp-4.3.0-3
RHEL 8.1 pcp-4.3.2-2 redis-5.0.3-1 grafana-6.2.2-2
RHEL 8.2 pcp-5.0.2-4 redis-5.0.3-1 grafana-6.3.6-1 grafana-pcp-1.0.7-1
RHEL 8.3 pcp-5.1.1-3 redis-5.0.3-1 grafana-6.7.4-3 grafana-pcp-2.0.2-1
RHEL 8.4 pcp-5.2.5-6 redis-6.0.9-2 grafana-7.3.6-2 grafana-pcp-3.0.2-1
RHEL 8.5 pcp-5.3.1-5 redis-6.0.9-2 grafana-7.5.9-2 grafana-pcp-3.1.0-1
RHEL 8.6 pcp-5.3.5-7 redis-6.0.9-5 grafana-7.5.11-3 grafana-pcp-3.2.0-1
RHEL 8.7 pcp-5.3.7-5 redis-6.0.9-5 grafana-7.5.15-3 grafana-pcp-3.2.0-2
RHEL 8.8 pcp-5.3.7-13 redis-6.0.9-5 grafana-7.5.15-3 grafana-pcp-3.2.0-2
RHEL 8.9 pcp-5.3.7-18 redis-6.2.7-1 grafana-9.2.10-7 grafana-pcp-5.1.1-1
RHEL 9.0 pcp-5.3.5-7 redis-6.0.9-5 grafana-7.5.11-4 grafana-pcp-3.2.0-2
RHEL 9.1 pcp-5.3.7-5 redis-6.0.9-5 grafana-7.5.15-3 grafana-pcp-3.2.0-3
RHEL 9.2 pcp-6.0.1-1 redis-6.2.7-1 grafana-9.0.9-1 grafana-pcp-5.0.0-4
RHEL 9.3 pcp-6.0.5-4 redis-6.2.7-1, redis-7.0.12-1 grafana-9.2.10-7 grafana-pcp-5.1.1-1

The PCP CHANGELOG lists the changes and features added in each PCP release. Note the final -X of the PCP versions in RHEL indicates the build/patch revision, so you would also need to check the RPM changelog of the RHEL RPM package for any additional patches.

In all cases, the easiest customer deployment is to install pcp-zeroconf, see Installing and using the pcp-zeroconf package for Performance Co-Pilot (PCP).

Automated large-scale deployments can be performed using either the RHEL metrics role (simplest) or ansible-pcp (most configurable).

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