Status Page FAQ

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When do the status page components change state?

The status page components change state automatically their monitors have been not been successful for at least 10 minutes.

When are notifications sent?

That depends on the type of subscription channel:

  • Email - Receives a notification whenever an incident report is created, updated, or resolved.
  • SMS - Receives a notification only when an incident report is created or resolved, and will not receive intermediate updates.
  • Webhook - Receives notifications whenever an incident report is created, updated, or resolved. Also receives a notification when a component status changes.

Will I receive a notification when a component status changes?

Only if you are subscribed via Webhook as mentioned above.

When is an incident report created?

An incident report is created once our on-call team verify that an actual incident is in progress.

What do the incident report statuses mean?

  • Investigating - We are investigating to discover the source of a potential issue.
  • Identified - We have identified the source of a definite issue, and are working on a fix.
  • Monitoring - Systems should be back to normal but we continue to monitor the situation until we are sure it is resolved.
  • Resolved - The issue is fully resolved.

What do the component statuses mean?

  • Degraded Performance - The component may not be operating normally.
  • Partial Outage - The component is failing intermittently or for some users.
  • Major Outage - The component is not operational for all users.

How are the component statuses changed?

We actively monitor the Customer Portal using synthetic monitors as viewed from a customer perspective. Component statuses are automatically changed based on these monitors, and an open-source tool developed by Red Hat called Statuspage-Controller.

How do I unsubscribe from SMS notifications?

You can unsubscribe from SMS notifications by replying STOP. (Note: some international carriers don't support "STOP" messages, which may require those numbers to be unsubscribed through the UI by a Statuspage admin/team member).