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Frequently Asked Questions about the Customer Portal public status page,

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When are notifications sent?

That depends on the type of subscription channel:

  • Email - Receives a notification whenever an incident report is created, updated, or resolved.
  • SMS - Receives a notification only when an incident report is created or resolved, and will not receive intermediate updates.
  • Webhook - Receives notifications whenever an incident report is created, updated, or resolved. Also receives a notification when a component status changes.

Will I receive a notification when a component status changes?

Only if you are subscribed via Webhook as mentioned above.

When is an incident report created?

An incident report is created once our on-call team verify that an actual incident is in progress.

What do the incident report statuses mean?

  • Investigating - We are investigating to discover the source of a potential issue.
  • Identified - We have identified the source of a definite issue, and are working on a fix.
  • Monitoring - Systems should be back to normal but we continue to monitor the situation until we are sure it is resolved.
  • Resolved - The issue is fully resolved.

What do the component statuses mean?

  • Degraded Performance - The component may not be operating normally.
  • Partial Outage - The component is failing intermittently or for some users.
  • Major Outage - The component is not operational for all users.

How are the component statuses changed?

We actively monitor the Customer Portal using synthetic monitors as viewed from a customer perspective. Component statuses are automatically changed based on these monitors, and an open-source tool developed by Red Hat called Statuspage-Controller.

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