Support Policies for RHEL Resilient Storage - dlm General Policies

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Applicable Environments

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 or 7 with the Resilient Storage Add-On

Useful References and Guides


This guide lays out Red Hat's policies applicable to the use of the Distributed Lock Manager - dlm - in RHEL Resilient Storage deployments. Users of dlm in RHEL Resilient Storage clusters should adhere to these policies in order to be eligible for assistance from Red Hat Support with the appropriate product support subscriptions.


dlm with RRP / SCTP: Red Hat does not support the usage of dlm or dlm-using components when dlm is configured to use SCTP communications, also known as "multi-homing". dlm automatically enables SCTP communications if the cluster is configured to use redundant rings (RRP) - meaning DLM is not supported in RRP clusters.

  • rgmanager in RHEL 6 is not supported for usage with dlm using SCTP communications, and must use cpglockd in such clusters in order to receive support from Red Hat. RHEL 6 with rgmanager will automatically enable an alternate lock manager - cpglockd - when the cluster is configured for RRP.

  • Resilient Storage components that rely on dlm are not supported by Red Hat in RRP configurations on RHEL 6 and RHEL 7.

Fencing required: Usage of dlm in a cluster requires that fencing be configured with a proper storage or power device, or sbd. Red Hat does not support clusters actively using dlm that do not have fencing configured and a proper STONITH/fencing method configured for each node.

  • See also: Support policies: General requirements for fencing/STONITH
  • In the above fencing/STONITH policies guide, an allowance is made for clusters without shared storage to use "alternative" fence methods. This is not allowed for clusters utilizing dlm for any component - even if shared storage is not involved. dlm-using clusters must have a STONITH method that will power a node off or cut off a node from shared resources when there is a problem.

RHEL7: Usage of systemd dlm.service: Red Hat does not support starting or managing dlm in RHEL 7 via the systemd dlm.service unit that is provided by the dlm package. The dlm_controld daemon should be started and managed using an ocf:pacemaker:controld resource within the cluster.

dlm not supported on pacemaker-remote "remote-nodes": When a cluster contains remote-nodes offered via pacemaker-remote, dlm is not supported by Red Hat to be used on any such remote-node. Any controld resource and anything dependent on it that uses dlm should be constrained to never run on any remote-node.