Red Hat Application Migration Toolkit 4.0 Release Notes

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These release notes describe the new features and changes implemented for the Red Hat Application Migration Toolkit (RHAMT) 4.0 release.

Product renamed to Red Hat Application Migration Toolkit (RHAMT)

This product, which was based on Windup and previously known as Red Hat JBoss Migration Toolkit, is now known as Red Hat Application Migration Toolkit (RHAMT). Notable changes from this rebranding are listed in the table below.

Old Value New Value
CLI script bin/windup bin/rhamt-cli
Configuration directory ~/.windup ~/.rhamt

Introducing the web console for RHAMT

A web console for Red Hat Application Migration Toolkit is now available! The RHAMT web console is a web-based system that allows a team of users to assess and prioritize migration and modernization efforts for a large number of applications. It allows you to group applications into projects for analysis and provides numerous reports that highlight the results.

The web console can be installed either using the ZIP distribution or on OpenShift.

To learn more about the web console and how to use it, see the RHAMT Web Console Guide.

Additional cloud-readiness rules

This release includes new cloud-readiness rules to identify areas of an application that may prevent it from running in a healthy way in a cloud environment. Note that the target argument to run these cloud-readiness rules has changed from openshift to cloud-readiness. For example:

--target cloud-readiness

Eclipse plugin enhancements

  • Ability to browse system rulesets
  • Creating and importing custom rulesets
  • Filtering for issues in the Issue Explorer
  • New option to link between Issue Explorer files and active editor
  • Support for complex Java-based transformations for quick fixes

Known Issues

See this JIRA filter to view the list of known issues for this release.