Windup 3.0 Release Notes

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These release notes describe the new features and changes implemented for the Windup 3.0 release.

Introducing the Windup Eclipse Plugin

A plugin for Windup is now available for Eclipse and JBoss Developer Studio. This plugin analyzes your projects using Windup, marks migration issues in the source code, provides guidance to fix the issues, and offers automatic code replacement when possible.

See the Windup Eclipse Plugin Guide for installation and usage instructions.

New migration paths

New Windup rulesets have been added to allow for application migration from Oracle® WebLogic Server and IBM® WebSphere® Application Server to JBoss EAP 7.

Additionally, cloud-readiness rulesets have been added to prepare your applications to run in OpenShift. Use the --target openshift argument to execute these rulesets.

See the Windup User Guide for all supported migration paths.

Java 8 required

Java 8 is now required to run the Windup tools.

Updated Windup CLI functionality

New CLI options

  • --online: Windup now operates in offline mode by default. Use this option to allow network access.
  • --skipReports: Skip Windup report generation. Useful when exporting report data to a CSV file.

Removed CLI options

  • --offline: Windup now operates in offline mode by default. Use --online to operate in online mode.
  • --updateRulesets: Download the latest Windup CLI to get the latest rulesets.

Updated Windup rule functionality

Custom rule categories

The severity field for Windup rules has been replaced with a new category field. By default, the categories are "Mandatory", "Optional", and "Potential Issues". Users can define additional custom categories for their custom Windup rules. Although Windup can still process rules that use the legacy severity field, it is recommended to update your custom rules to use the new category-id field.

See the Windup Rules Development Guide for more information.

Quick fixes

Windup rules now support a quickfix element that contains information used by the Windup Eclipse Plugin to perform quick fixes when a rule condition is met.

Resolved issues

  • JBoss EAP XML descriptor files not being automatically generated
  • Mavenize option not generating output on Windows
  • Exceptions when analyzing large applications on Mac OS X
    • It is still recommended to increase your ulimit on Mac OS X when analyzing large applications