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Red Hat Hardware Certification Catalog Update

Updated 2013-05-24T00:58:49+00:00

The Red Hat Hardware Certification Catalog was recently updated with a new design and new features. This article details the major changes.

Browse Certifications Menu

The "Browse Certifications" menu on the main page has been enhanced allow you to browse certified hardware by product or by partner:

Browse Certifications Menu
Fig. 1: Browse Certifications Menu

List View

The list view has been modified to indicate the type of device (Server, Desktop/Workstation, Laptop, Component/Peripheral) on the same line as the device model name. Also, all certifications are now listed below the device name to make it easier to see where one listing ends and another begins.

List View
Fig. 2: New List View

Search Results Filter

A search results filter has been introduced on the list view. It appears any time the list view appears, either by running a search or by using a friendly URL. Checking boxes next to the items in the filter will narrow the search. Unchecking boxes will expand the search.

Figure 3 below depicts the filter and search results when the example company "Mycompany" is searched for, or the friendly URL "http://hardware.redhat.com/mycompany" is entered.

Search Results Filter
Fig. 3: Search Results Filter

If the "version 6" box under "Red Hat Enterprise Linux" is checked, the list of systems is altered to only display the "Mycompany" devices that were certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. This is shown below in Figure 4.

Narrowed Search Results Filter
Fig. 4: Narrowed Results Filter