9.0.1 Release Notes

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About Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack

Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack is a set of Eclipse-based development tools. It further enhances the IDE functionality provided by JBoss Developer Studio, with plug-ins specifically for use when developing for other Red Hat JBoss products.

JBoss Fuse Development plug-ins provide tooling for Red Hat JBoss Fuse, specifically for integrating and developing software components that work with Apache ServiceMix, ActiveMQ and Camel.

JBoss Business Process and Rules Development plug-ins provides design, debug and testing tooling for developing business processes for Red Hat JBoss BRMS and Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite. For more information, see the Red Hat JBoss BRMS Getting Started Guide and Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite Getting Started Guide.

JBoss Data Virtualization Development plug-ins provide a graphical interface to manage various aspects of Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization instances, including the ability to design virtual databases and interact with associated governance repositories. For more information, see the Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization User Guide.

JBoss Integration and SOA Development plug-ins provide tooling for developing, configuring and deploying SwitchYard and Fuse applications to Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works, Red Hat JBoss Fuse and Fuse Fabric containers, Apache ServiceMix, and Apache Karaf instances. For more information, see the Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works User Guide, Red Hat JBoss Fuse Tooling User Guide and Red Hat JBoss Fuse Tooling Tutorials.

JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack and JBoss Developer Studio are released asynchronously, and current information on each of the JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack components can be found in the associated Red Hat JBoss product documentation. The documentation is available from https://access.redhat.com/site/documentation/ on the Red Hat Customer Portal.

About This Release

Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack 9.0.2.GA is an update for Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack 9.0.1.GA.

It contains new features and fixes for the following released components:

  • Teiid Designer 10.0.1.Final

  • ModeShape 3.8.0.Final

It contains new features and fixes for the following Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack 9.0.1.GA components released as Early Access:

  • Fuse 8.0.0.Beta4

Note: Modeshape is deprecated from the current release (9.0.2.GA) and will be removed in the JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack 10.x.

Important: Components of JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack that are still under development and released as Early Access may not be immediately visible in the Software/Update tab under JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack. To list early access components, in the Software/Update tab click the Enable Early Access check box and review the Early Access Features declaration.

For a complete list of components in this release, together with information about operating systems, chip architectures, and Java developer kits supported by this release, see https://access.redhat.com/articles/1351903 on the Red Hat Customer Portal.

Known Issues

The following sections list the most important known issues for this release.

Teiid Designer 10.0.1.Final

TEIIDDES-2883 - Issue with Fedora 24 and GTK3

TEIIDDES-2838 - Setting connection profile to imported model won’t set data source (issues with Preview)

SwitchYard 2.1.0.Beta3

SWITCHYARD-2834 - Wrong switchyard version when creating a project with integration bom

Fuse 8.0.0.Beta4

FUSETOOLS-1986 - "Debug as local camel context" is not working for Blueprint DSL "Gave up waiting for service (objectClass=org.apache.camel.CamelContext)"

FUSETOOLS-2007 - Switching between edit parts of displayed route causes error on Fedora when webkitgtk is not installed

FUSETOOLS-2018 - Cannot directly deploy SwitchYard project into Fuse on Karaf

FUSETOOLS-1790 - Remote route editing does not work on Fuse on EAP

FUSETOOLS-1987 - Unable to open editor if the file doesn’t define a camel context

FUSETOOLS-1997 - Deployment to Fuse/Karaf Server not Successful

Resolved Issues

Teiid Designer 10.0.1.Final

TEIIDDES-2867 - Importing from Sybase JDBC uses default double-quoted name in source values

TEIIDDES-2866 - Space in string in Transformation Editor is replaced with after Save/Validate SQL

TEIIDDES-2853 - Radio button label in JBDC Import wizard is wrong

TEIIDDES-2846 - File Import’s Column Information Panel unexpandable

TEIIDDES-2844 - Quick fix on imported TD VDB produces exception

TEIIDDES-2842 - NPE when trying to edit Data Role created during importing of dynamic VDB

TEIIDDES-2841 - Deprecate XML, XSD and XML Document metamodels

TEIIDDES-2837 - Server in TD looks like it is not connected after start

TEIIDDES-2835 - NullPointerException at org.teiid.designer.jdbc.ui.wizards.JdbcImportOptionsPage.createModelDefinitionPanel(JdbcImportOptionsPage.java:444) when "Create source model for JDBC Data Source" from the Guide UI

TEIIDDES-2831 - Vdb conversion should exclude model 'checksum' and 'index' properties

TEIIDDES-2828 - VDBs, created with Teiid Designer that import other VDB do not respect the specified version.

TEIIDDES-2826 - Missing message for the selection page

TEIIDDES-2825 - After import DDL which contains GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE shows error

TEIIDDES-2823 - "Generate Dynamic VDB" utility should use correct property names

TEIIDDES-2822 - REST CP - HTTP Digest security - "Test connection" doesn’t work

TEIIDDES-2821 - VDB Editor’s Data Role panel actions not working correctly

TEIIDDES-2803 - VDB could not be validated after import from File system

TEIIDDES-2798 - Dynamic VDB can not be generated - view model with procedure

TEIIDDES-2797 - relational:MATVIEW_TTL has wrong type

TEIIDDES-2768 - Transform from Source Model" doesn’t copy Descriptions to new view model

TEIIDDES-2729 - Bad export of carriage return in SQL transformation

TEIIDDES-2720 - Provide checks on VDB export and warn users if XML Document, Web Services or XSD models exist in the VDB

TEIIDDES-2712 - Support GET & POST methods together on REST procedures

TEIIDDES-2698 - REST procedure in generated dynamic VDB does not work

TEIIDDES-2697 - Virtual procedure in generated dynamic VDB does not return result set

TEIIDDES-2664 - Add Model Extension support for Procedure RESULTS OPTIONS

TEIIDDES-2571 - Add HTTP Digest Authentication Support for REST Web Services as a Source

TEIIDDES-2570 - RelationalTable contains methods for single UniqueConstraint and collection of UniqueConstraints

TEIIDDES-2466 - Create Preview VDB for only the model containing the table that is being preview

TEIIDDES-2436 - StackOverflow Exception Importing VDB via JDBC Importer

TEIIDDES-2408 - Add remaining SQL/XML functions

TEIIDDES-2388 - Add SAP HANA Driver Type

Fuse 8.0.0.Beta4

FUSETOOLS-1954 - NPE if you try to open a route from Project Explorer with corresponding editor opened on 'Source' or 'configuration' tab

FUSETOOLS-1855 - Wrong/Missing SAP icons in Camel Editor

FUSETOOLS-1844 - Provide auto-completion for the Repository Destination when configuring SAP Server

FUSETOOLS-1837 - Importing a Fuse quickstart should auto-add the Fuse Camel Project Nature

FUSETOOLS-1810 - Add support for Camel 2.17

FUSETOOLS-1806 - JSON catalog data should be searched in classpath rather using Maven Project directly

FUSETOOLS-1779 - One change is applied more times in SAP components

FUSETOOLS-1655 - Support SAP Bean in Global Configuration Editor

FUSETOOLS-1753 - Add a server adapter for Fuse 6.3

FUSETOOLS-1651 - Cannot browse traced messages

FUSETOOLS-1624 - Adding a blueprint test does not add the needed maven dependency to the pom.xml

FUSETOOLS-1583 - Visual improvements of Camel editor

FUSETOOLS-1533 - Cannot find resource: transformation.xml in classpath

FUSETOOLS-1519 - Automatically enable Fuse Camel Nature on Fuse projects

FUSETOOLS-1507 - First initialization of Transformation Editor fails

FUSETOOLS-1462 - NPE occurs when opening the transformation editor

FUSETOOLS-1422 - Support camel configurations built via SwitchYard

FUSETOOLS-1227 - Get better icons for both palette and diagram figures

FUSETOOLS-1222 - Support for multiple camel versions

FUSETOOLS-740 - JMX profile - Has 3 refresh buttons, only the last on the right is the actual button working