Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 & 7 FasTrack program deprecation

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What is FasTrack?
FasTrack was a name given to a process and to a type of errata advisory. The FasTrack process consisted of releasing non-security, lower priority updates to customers on an ongoing basis in between Update releases.

Why is Red Hat deprecating FasTrack
Red Hat's development process has undergone recent changes that will ensure, easy to fix, low risk items will be continuously reviewed for inclusion in the regular minor releases and if there is a more urgent need, released via our regular batch update process. These changes have made FasTrack redundant so the resources will be re-focused on our existing minor and batch update release processes.

When will Red Hat officially deprecate FasTrack?
Red Hat is currently no longer proposing issues for release via FasTrack although some errata that were already in process may still be released. The time frame when FasTrack will be officially be deprecated will be for the 7.3 and 6.9 minor releases.

If I have a Support case concerning a bug that can not wait for the next minor release, what should I do?
If a customer has a Support issue that is not urgent but can not wait for the next minor release of RHEL, talk to your Red Hat Support representative as to what your options are for an accelerated fix via the regular batch update process for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux Team