Red Hat Customer Convergence - Seoul 2015 Slide Information

Updated -

Thank you for those who spent the time to participate in Red Hat Customer Convergence Event in Seoul, Korea.

The event is now complete. Please refer to the following links to access the slide decks(for Red Hat subscriber viewership only):
- Session 2. Docker, Atomic Host and Kubernete by JooHo Lee - Sr Technical Support Engineer
- Session 3. Dynamic Firewall with Firewalld by Jack Moon - Sr Technical Support Engineer
- Session 4. Tuned in RHEL7 by Jake Shin - Technical Support Engineer
- Session 5. Red Hat Security Policies by Hwanii Jung - Support Relationship Manager
- Session 6. Red Hat Storages(Swift, Ceph and Gluster) by YongKi Kim - Sr. Solution Architect
- Session 7. Red Hat Satellite 6 by JunWan Park - Sr. Solution Architect
- Session 8. Red Hat Leap Seconds 7 by JinKoo Han - Technical Account Manager