2015 - Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure: Deploying an On-Premise IaaS Private Cloud with PaaS Integration

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On-premise cloud deployments continue to increase in popularity and demand. As demand increases, IT leaders look for ways to reduce time to deploy, configure, and implement management capabilities for deployed environments. Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure 5 delivers on all fronts to include:
- Red Hat Satellite 6 for deployment, configuration, and lifecycle management
- Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for hosting virtual infrastructure with enterprise applications
- Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform for creating repeatable, quickly deploy-able viirtualized environments
- Red Hat CloudFroms to provide best in class cloud management platform features such as lifecycle management, self-service capabilities, provider integration, chargeback reporting, and service automation

The focus of this reference architecture is to demonstrate deploying Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure technologies in an on-premise, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaas) environment along with integrating Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise providing Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) capabilities targeting the following detailed use cases:
- Configure Satellite 6 to support deploying RHCI components
- Deploy a self-hosted RHEV environment from Satellite 6
- Deploy a RHEL OSP environment from Satellite 6
- Deploy OpenShift Enterprise using OpenShift Origin puppet modules onto RHEV
- Deploy CloudForms and demonstrate discovery and management of RHCI on-premise cloud