Does Red Hat support the integrated Intel SATA/SAS controller on some Cisco UCS Servers?

Updated -


  • My system shipped with an integrated Intel SATA/SAS controller in addition to the LSI SAS 2004 integrated RAID controller.


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6
  • Red Hat Enterprise Open Stack Platform 3
  • Red Hat Enterprise Open Stack Platform 4
  • List of Hardware affected:
    • Cisco UCS C420 M3
    • Cisco UCS C460 M4
    • Cisco UCS B22 M3
    • Cisco UCS C22 M3
    • Cisco UCS C24 M3
    • Cisco UCS E160D M1/K9
    • Cisco UCS E140S M1/K9


  • Cisco has disabled the Intel integrated SATA/SAS in the BIOS, therefore the OS can not detect the SATA/SAS controller.
  • Only the LSI SAS integrated RAID controller is supported with RHEL 5/6 or RHELOSP 3.0/4.0