How do I find more information about Red Hat's training courses and certification programs?

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Red Hat delivers one of the most comprehensive training curricula and certification programs in today's marketplace. Unlike most vendors, we orient our training and certifications around real-world job roles and tasks. Giving IT professionals the skills to maximize Red Hat technology investments and reach new productivity heights.

To learn more about how we set the standard for open source training and certification, and to view a list of all available courses and certification programs, visit


How can I find out how many training units we currently have under our Redhat Company Profile?

Some of our staff members, (myself included), are interested in attending some Redhat training courses ASAP and we may need to purchase some additional training units.

Hi Steven,

If you don't already have a contact established, the best thing to do is probably contact Red Hat Customer Service. You can email them at or call them at 1-888-REDHAT-1.

How do I find out the partner training hours (or transcripts) for my company ?


Navigating to training to use my subscriptions after logging in is a nightmare. Id love for the UI to be more helpful in that regard.

Hi Yuon. Thank you for your comment. If you have time, please share your ideas on how we can improve. Did you visit this page in the customer portal?

Hello Ms. Neal,

I realize it is over a year later since Youn made his comment above, just wanted to say: "Things have NOT improved one iota".

Long story short, it should NOT be difficult to EASILY get to your training sessions from almost anywhere on the Red Hat site (once you've logged on). That is not the case, every time I try to log on to my training, it's like trying to climb K2....