Does JBoss EAP support the use of Jackson libraries?

Updated -

Jackson is an open source project that provides Java APIs to parse, process, convert, and generate JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) documents. There are two versions of the Jackson APIs:

  • The org.codehaus.jackson API was used by some of the Red Hat JBoss Web Framework Kit (WFK) quickstarts to create custom JSON serializers and deserializers, format dates, and handle NULL properties. Although this API is used by some of the quickstarts, these libraries are private and are not recommended in a JBoss EAP production environment.

  • JBoss EAP 7.0 and later is packaged with the com.fasterxml.jackson Jackson libraries. These libraries are public and are supported in a JBoss EAP 7.x production environment.


On the component details page ( for JBoss 7 EAP it links to this page stating that "The Jackson libraries are not supported for development or production use in JBoss EAP".

However I believe this is incorrect.

The org.codehaus.* packages are Jackson 1.x and are marked as private on the included modules page However the com.fasterxml.jackson* are Jackson 2.x and are listed as public modules.

I'm assuming that Jackson 2.x is actually supported?

Please can this page be updated to specifically reference JBoss EAP 7.x. Either the warnings need to be updated to show Jackson 2.x errors or the page should be updated to show that only Jackson 1.x is unsupported (likewise with the message on the component details page).