Red Hat Network 5.2.3 Release Notes

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The following topics are covered in this document:

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The following are the new features released with Red Hat Network Release 5.2.3.

New user.createUser() public API call

  • The ability for an org-admin to create a new user in their org has been added to the public API. For details, see the API documentation user.createUser()

More information from the user.getDetails() public API call

  • The public API call user.getDetails(token, login) now returns selected user's disable-state. For details, see the API documentation at user.getDetails()


Red Hat Network Release 5.2.3 also resolves the following issues, as reported in Bugzilla (BZ):

  • BZ# 453606 — GPG key URL does not accept valid URL
  • BZ# 461952 — SSM text breaks in some Asian languages
  • BZ# 466170 — xml-rpc call packages.listChannelSourceBySession doesn't parse nvr correctly
  • BZ# 470415 — RHN Hosted: previously selected packages remain selected on subsequent visits - difficult to find and edit/clear the selection
  • BZ# 495923 — CRM : XXXXXX # Can not see username under 'Registered by' column on RHN hosted
  • BZ# 501395 — System Set Manager cannot reboot machines
  • BZ# 594652 — Repository metadata files should be served via CDN
  • BZ# 599742 — RDU, RHN 500 Error message, account XXXXXX
  • BZ# 601632 — utf-8 regression on hosted web pages
  • BZ# 601681 — Erratum package listing page loads extremely slow.
  • BZ# 607660 — Customer should know in advance how many packages they're allowed to download at once
  • BZ# 607674 — Error messages from package-download often not displayed to the user
  • BZ# 612574 — [RFE] RHN Hosted - Create User functionality in RHN API
  • BZ# 614495 — API does not show user enabled/disabled status
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