Red Hat Customer Portal Release Notes (2011-12-01)

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The following topics are covered in this document:

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  • Minor Updates
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The following is the major feature in this release.

Auto-healing Enabled in Certificate-based RHN

Auto-healing allows users to maintain subscription coverage on their systems whenever possible. If a system is set to auto-heal and a subscription expires, the system will automatically try to subscribe to a matching subscription in the user account. Systems will default to auto-heal, but this default can be changed if the user would prefer to manage subscription coverage manually. Changes can be made on the system or on the web client.

Minor Updates

The following are the minor enhancements in this release:

  • Certificate-based RHN shows the number of subscriptions selected in table headers instead of only displaying if 'All' are selected.
  • Certificate-based RHN users can export the Applied Subscriptions and Available Subscriptions tables in csv format.

In addition, the following bug fix was implemented in this release:

  • BZ 750307: duplicate pools could be created for a user in certain scenarios. This release prevents that from happening. Pools created in duplicate will be cleaned up in a later release.


Sidebar messaging introducing users to Certificate-based Subscription Management has been removed. General information is still available via the Help link in the application.

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