Announcing Red Hat AMQ Streams General Availability: Apache Kafka on OpenShift

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Today we are introducing Red Hat AMQ Streams, a massively scalable, distributed, and high performance data streaming capability based on the Apache Kafka project. AMQ Streams, the newest member of the Red Hat AMQ messaging suite, provides an event streaming backbone that allows microservices and other application components to exchange data with extremely high throughput. At the core of AMQ Streams, Apache Kafka provides:

  • A publish and subscribe messaging model, similar to a traditional enterprise messaging system, in which application components publish and consume events to/from an ordered stream
  • The long term, fault-tolerant storage of events
  • The ability for a consumer to replay streams of events
  • The ability to partition topics for horizontal scalability

AMQ Streams has a particular focus on using Kafka on Red Hat OpenShift, an open source container application platform based on the Kubernetes container orchestrator for enterprise application development and deployment. Kafka on OpenShift is a great match. AMQ Streams provides an automated way to deploy, manage, upgrade and configure an entire Kafka ecosystem installation.

A typical Kafka installation will consist of multiple Kafka broker nodes, multiple Zookeeper nodes, Kafka Connect nodes, MirrorMaker nodes, as well as the application services that are utilizing Kafka. AMQ Streams allows such a configuration to be defined declaratively and then uses automation (in the form of OpenShift Operators) to bring that configuration in to existence. Operators are also used to control the configuration of this deployment, for example, the Topics running in the Kafka cluster. Continuous monitoring ensures that the components are redeployed in the event of changes to the declaration, version upgrades or in the event of node failures. Essentially AMQ Streams serves as an “automated Kafka administrator.”

As the software world converges on Kubernetes as the standard platform for building cloud native applications, it is increasingly important to be able to run the communication infrastructure on the same platform. Uniting the massive scalability of Kafka on an elastic platform like Kubernetes, involves resolving a number of interesting technology challenges having to do with things like statefulness, orchestration, and cluster scaling. But Red Hat offers not just an award-winning Kubernetes implementation, OpenShift, but also deep Kubernetes experience, and Red Hat is thus uniquely qualified to deliver Kafka on Kubernetes. AMQ Streams makes running and managing Apache Kafka “OpenShift native” through the use of powerful Operators that simplify the deployment, configuration, management, and use of Apache Kafka on OpenShift.

Our customers who have embraced the microservices development model can now build their applications with Red Hat Technology (RHOAR), exchange information synchronously with Red Hat Technology (3scale), exchange information asynchronously with Red Hat Technology (AMQ Streams), integrate them with their legacy backplane using Red Hat Technology (Fuse), and run them on the most advanced container management platform, from Red Hat (OpenShift). Come give AMQ Streams a try today!


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