Database upgrade and outage scheduled for July 7, 2018

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Date of outage: Saturday July 7, 2018
Outage start: 9:00am EDT (UTC -0400)
Outage end: 11:00am EDT (UTC -0400)
Duration of outage window: Approximately 2 hours

Customers impacted: Customers using sites

Sites affected:,,, Activation, Evaluations,,, User Management

During the planned outage window, users will experience a service interruption and the following actions will be impacted:

Customer Portal

Red Hat Subscription Management (RHSM)
-Customers may not be able to register systems
-Customers may not be able to activate subscriptions
-Customers may not be able to download software from the Customer Portal
-Customers may not be able to create and download satellite certificates and manifests

-Customers may not be able to obtain evaluations from the Customer Portal

User Management
-Customers may not be able to manage users from the Customer Portal

Web Store
-Customers may not be able to purchase subscriptions

Red Hat Connect
-Customers may not be able to utilize Red Hat Connect

All other Customer Portal functions and offerings are not affected by this outage.

If you have questions about this outage, please contact Customer Service. For technical assistance, please contact Red Hat Technical Support. For more information on outages, view our Outage Policy.