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Are you passionate about Red Hat's products, services and technologies? If so, here is where you can make your mark.

The Red Hat Accelerators program is a global network of tech experts and enthusiasts who willingly share their IT knowledge and expertise with peers in the community and Red Hat.

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Members engage and contribute in the following ways:

Be involved

Network with industry peers who share your passion and interests

Join the conversation

Participate and contribute in technical discussions

Share knowledge

Teach others what you know from your experiences

Get inside

Gain exclusive access to product teams and upcoming releases

Be Seen

One of the many benefits of being a Red Hat Accelerator is officially identifying yourself as a Red Hat Accelerator.

A digital badge lets others know you are a part of our exclusive community group. Red Hat Accelerator badges may be used on personal websites, blogs, email signatures and social media networks. The details on proper usage of the digital badges will be provided to Red Hat Accelerators upon accepting membership to the program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you will find some of our most commonly asked questions and answers about the Red Hat Accelerators program. If you are unable to find your question in the list provided, please email us directly at redhataccelerators@redhat.com and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience.

What is the Red Hat Accelerators program?


The Red Hat Accelerators program is a global network of individuals who are passionate about Red Hat's products, services and technologies. The program engages, amplifies and celebrates those who are willing to share their IT knowledge and expertise with peers in the community and Red Hat.

What are the benefits of becoming a Red Hat Accelerator?

Member Benefits:

Becoming a Red Hat Accelerator means being publicly recognized for your valuable contributions and achievements. As a part of this exclusive community group, Red Hat Accelerators will have an opportunity to network with industry peers, gain valuable knowledge and insights, participate in product, service and technology discussions and represent the voice of the customer back into Red Hat.

Red Hat Accelerator benefits include (and are subject to change):

  • Networking with industry peers who share your same passion for Red Hat products, services and technologies
  • Being recognized as a valued member of the Red Hat Accelerators community
  • Expanding your technical knowledge
  • Gaining access to product teams and upcoming releases
  • Receiving cool swag merchandise
What are the requirements of becoming a Red Hat Accelerator?

Member requirements:

Red Hat Accelerators are encouraged to actively engage and contribute to the community in the following ways (but not limited to):

  • Participate and contribute to the community in meetings and tech forums
  • Share your IT knowledge and experiences with the community and Red Hat
  • Provide product feedback and insights
  • Attend events or conferences (by invitation only)

As well as additional opportunities that present themselves throughout the year.

What are the criteria for becoming part of this exclusive membership?

Member criteria:

We are looking for IT professionals who have a strong opinion and are open to sharing their unique knowledge and perspective on Red Hat products, services and technologies with the community and Red Hat. You are passionate about Red Hat and in your spare time, love to write, blog and share your thoughts. You are active in forums and speak at conferences and trade shows. You have participated and given your unique insights in webinars, video technical talks, podcasts and other platforms.

The ideal Red Hat Accelerator candidate should possess the following background and criteria to be considered:

  • Red Hat customer (current or former)
  • Has attended a previous Red Hat event, conference or meetup (e.g., Red Hat Convergence)
  • Strong IT background, knowledge and opinion about technology
  • Passionate about Red Hat's products, services and technologies
  • Willingness to share their opinion on future IT innovations
  • Looking to expand their own personal brand and knowledge
What is the process for becoming a Red Hat Accelerator?

Membership onboarding process:

If you or if someone you know would like to be a Red Hat Accelerator member, the membership onboarding process is simple - just follow these easy steps:

  1. Review the membership criteria
  2. Submit an application form for consideration
  3. Receive a response within 4-6 weeks of submission

If you have a question, please send an email to: redhataccelerators@redhat.com.

What are the guidelines (i.e., the "dos and don'ts") of maintaining membership?

Membership guidelines:

At Red Hat, we place a high value in our standards and integrity. As a member of the Red Hat Accelerators community, you are part of an exclusive membership group. As a Red Hat Accelerator, we ask that you agree, adhere to and respect those within the community and Red Hat.

Red Hat reserves the right to remove a Red Hat Accelerator at Red Hat's discretion for any reason. For example, Red Hat would not want to see the following from an Amp member:

  • Releasing any products, services, or technologies information to the general public prior to the agreed upon general announcement date / time specified by Red Hat
  • Not staying active and / or engaged in the program
  • Not fulfilling the minimum requirements
  • Misrepresenting your relationship to Red Hat or posing as a Red Hat employee
  • Attacking, bullying, negatively instigating online conversations, or making lewd or disparaging remarks

The FTC has pointed out the value of disclosure in certain endorsement-related contexts (for example, see https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/ftcs-endorsement-guides-what-people-are-asking). We ask that you disclose your connection to Red Hat, such as by posting a statement like the following on your blog and social media profiles where you talk about Red Hat:

"While I am not a representative of Red Hat and my views about Red Hat are my own, I am a member of Red Hat Accelerators community which gives me a connection to Red Hat and through which I engage with other Red Hat Accelerators."

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Who would and would not be eligible to become a Red Hat Accelerator?

Member eligibility:

The ideal Red Hat Accelerator must be of legal age of majority in their respective jurisdiction (State, Province, or country of primary residence). Red Hat Accelerators are tech enthusiasts who are passionate about Red Hat's products, services and technologies. Membership is to individuals, not companies and is not transferable.

Country exclusion:

Members will not be chosen from a country that appears on a United States Government exclusion list. This also applies to persons who are listed on United States Government list of excluded people.

Government employee exclusion:

Federal and State Government employees are not eligible.

Analysts exclusion:

Market research analysts and financial analysts, who are paid to analyze market forecast and financial forecast trends are not eligible.

Current Red Hat employee exclusion:

Current Red Hat employees are also not eligible.

Gifting policy exclusions:

If anyone who is subject to any policies (such as those of an employer) that would prohibit the individual from receiving gifts or other benefits, such as may be provided by this program, the individual must inform Red Hat prior to accepting membership, so Red Hat may exclude them from receiving any gifts.

I work for a Red Hat competitor, would I be eligible to become a Red Hat Accelerator?

As an IT expert, thought leader, active blogger, and/or member of the IT community, you are eligible to join. This includes candidates that contribute to one area of the Red Hat product portfolio, but who also work for a vendor who may be competing in another area of the product portfolio. Red Hat reserves the right to limit access of any events and early preview to upcoming Red Hat product, service and technology launches from someone who is a potential competitor. We appreciate your willingness to be upfront about your status during the membership onboarding process.

Who selects the Red Hat Accelerators?

The Red Hat Accelerator program team will decide who becomes a Red Hat Accelerator. Red Hat Accelerator memberships will be granted to those who best meet and exceed the criteria outlined in the member criteria section above.

Legal disclaimer: Red Hat reserves the right to select an Accelerator at it's sole discretion.

How long is the full duration of membership?

The program runs on a calendar year basis.

Does a Red Hat Accelerator officially represent Red Hat?

No, they do not. Red Hat Accelerators do not represent Red Hat. For further information, please refer to the membership guidelines section above.

Could the program be a conflict of interest with my current employer?

The Red Hat Accelerators program seeks individuals who share their personal views and opinions through social media networks, blogs and/or through the community. If for any reason, a member candidate has any concerns about whether joining the Red Hat Accelerators program may conflict with their current employer's business practices and guidelines, then we encourage them to check with their employer first to ensure they are allowed to participate in the program before accepting membership.

What are Red Hat's rights in content created by the Red Hat Accelerators?

Any Red Hat Accelerator's generated-content (e.g., written blog, video chat participant, or audio podcast participant) that is created in collaboration between the Red Hat Accelerators program and a Red Hat Accelerator may be shared and distributed by all parties involved, including Red Hat and the Red Hat Accelerators community. A Red Hat Accelerator, upon accepting membership in the Red Hat Accelerators program, allow permission for Red Hat to share, reshare and distribute any content created by the Red Hat Accelerator. Red Hat will request additional permission before using any extracted or repurposed content (such as a quote or a insightful statement).

How can a Red Hat Accelerator cancel his or her membership?

If for any reason a current Red Hat Accelerator decides not to continue participating in the program, they are allowed to leave at any time. To opt out, they must send an email to: redhataccelerators@redhat.com expressing their desire to cancel membership from the program, and they will be excluded from any future, subsequent engagements.

Who do I contact with questions?

If you have questions about the Red Hat Accelerators program, please email: redhataccelerators@redhat.com.

Additional Information

While this FAQ addresses details that are specific to this program, the more general Terms of Use linked at the bottom of this page is also applicable.

In addition to what is described in the Privacy Statement linked at the bottom of this page, please note that personal information collected in connection with this program will, of course, be used in order to run the program. For example, to facilitate communication with and among members of the program, product areas of focus and interest information will be gathered from members during the application process to determine type of products, services and technology groups the program will focus on.

All details found in the FAQ are subject to change. Red Hat reserves the right, at all times, to terminate all or part of the program known as "Red Hat Accelerators program" with or without notice. Red Hat will not be held liable in the event of such termination.

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