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We have introduced a new RPM Package search and would like feedback on the experience.


Do you mean this:

Seems painfully slow to me.

It is not only very slow but it finishes with error sometimes (after almost three minutes of waiting): The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server. The proxy server could not handle the request POST /rhn/channels/software/ Reason: Error reading from remote server

It works fine for me today, I have issues with the search before not getting the right package on time and have to check with support to find it. not sure what you would like to check.

Thomas, I tried ==just now==, just a moment before typing this and it seems to produce the same rpm search experience I've seen before.

Apologies to those that have commented all ready. This discussion was meant to be linked from the new package browser and it was not.

You can find it here

Thank you,

Wow, this is another story. I have just tried several keywords and this package browser returned (relevant) results very quickly. It seems like very good job (at least for me and now :-)).

What a difference!

I personally like it, however, I noticed at the entry of it, it only loads 1000 results; I know there's more than 1000 rpms for even a Linux distro based on the number of rpms in a given RHEL distro binary ISO DVD.

From the web page:

1000 results found based on your active subscriptions.

That being said, if I type a single letter to get a list of all rpms beginning with "a" it still says (same results for any other letter)

1000 results found based on your active subscriptions.

One possible suggestion; have a drop-down menu to select between versions of a given product, such as different major versions of RHEL for RHEL products, different versions of Satellite based on Satellite products, and so forth.

Then if you only wanted to see (for instance) glibc rpms for RHEL 7, you could constrain the search to RHEL 7 without other major versions distracting your results. Just a thought... =however= as I try it, I entered "glibc" for instance and hit enter, and I was able to have additional version selections in a new set of drop-down menus that was useful.

It seems impressive though.

Looks a lot nicer for sure. However: The new package search requires me to choose a given subscription. However, some customers want to search all available subscriptions to figure out which subscription they need to get a certain package (most prominent example is probably mod_jk for my customers). So please include an option "search all available subscriptions" or something similar.

Very nice!

I like the fact that the true RPMs are served up first, not the BETA or OPTIONAL.

Good one, works good for simple package search... Thanks...

This is a much better interface than the old package search. Thanks!

The new tool is really nice.

I just have been unable to find it from browsing. What pages on link to it?

I have used it a few times..always painfully slow. The idea is excellent. I need this tool to verify my content filters are working correctly on my satellite. Its a quick way to find the package versions. Tune it up,,, please

Works great for me - very fast and useful ! :)